Causes of Eyelid Twitching

Eye twitching, eyelid tics, and spasms are pretty common. Referred to as

 “Eyelid Myokymia” by medical professionals, it can be described as an involuntary action which causes rapid fluttering of the eye. In most cases, it is said to involve the lower eyelid and will last for short periods of time. Though the sensation can feel very strong, the contractions are usually not noticeable to others.

Almost all sudden-onset eyelid twitching is benign, meaning the condition is not serious nor a sign of a medical problem. 

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Confusions around Diet and Nutrition

As compared to other sciences Nutrition Research is in its early stages. Researchers have been studying a number of micro and macronutrients for a few decades. However, reliable conclusions are often difficult since it depends on various criteria, such as the study itself, data interpretation, subjects involved, the process used for the study and the influences for the same.

Headlines of small studies are very often hyped as conclusive but only a small aspect of the data may be highlighted. This can often be misleading.

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